What Makes an Effective Ab Workout

December 29, 2011

What Makes an Effective Ab Workout?

Will Ab Workouts give you Six Pack Abs?

There are plenty of people who want six pack abs either for professional or personal reasons and one of the age-old training and fitness questions is:

What is the most effective ab workout routine for getting rid of stomach fat?

Well, there isn’t one – as ab exercises that focus on the abs simply won’t cut it on their own.

Keep reading to learn why…

How should you do your Ab Workout?

The best way to flatten your stomach is to lose belly fat through an intense full-body workout regime, add core training, and eat healthy. Achieving a six pack requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is possible.  Ab Workouts, on their own, simply won’t cut it.

Some people believe that if they work their midsection over and over they will eventually have a flat stomach. This is simply not true. In order for abdominal muscles to shine, a person must work on fat loss first. Keeping an eye on the scale and generally losing weight is the only way to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Once a person loses the necessary weight around their midsection, then they are ready for a concentrated ab workout plan.

What IS the Most Effective Ab Workout?

The most effective ab workout includes alternating weight lifting and interval training cardio. Machines and free weights target specific areas of the body for increasing strength, building muscle, and maximizing fat loss. Cardio exercises burn calories, boost metabolism, and makes the heart stronger. Interval training has been shown to be far more effective for burning fat than standard cardio exercise routines. In essence, the best ab workout is accomplished by incorporating exercises such as lunges, squats, deadlifts, sprinting and interval cardio training.

Once fat is burned off, those six pack abs have the opportunity to stand out. At this time, new core training sessions and ab workout exercises can be introduced to the regimen. These are more strategic for effective fat loss and it is with these abdominal exercises that people really start seeing the results they have been striving to achieve.

The OTHER vitally important part of the perfect Ab Workout

As much as ‘working out’ is an important aspect of an effective ab workout routine, a healthy diet is just as significant. Foods that are high in complex carbs or sugar and that are highly processed will reverse most of the hard work that person did while they were at the gym. Regardless of how intense a workout is, a poor diet will definitely prevent a 6 pack from developing. Healthy foods that are high in protein and nutrients are the only way to maximize an exercise program.

Everyone has seen those television commercials that sell ab workout products that promise six pack abs. They simply do not work because most of them do not work out the entire body. They also fail to remove body fat in the first place. Eating right and regular full body workouts are the only two ways to get that six pack for peak physical appearance and performance.

To learn exactly what you need to know, eat and do for the perfect ab workout for the perfect six pack abs, read about the Truth About Abs program used by over a quarter of a million people worldwide.


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