Get Six Pack Abs That Will Make A Twenty Year Old Jealous

January 4, 2012

Six Pack Abs - to Make a 20YO Jealous

You CAN get a set of 6 pack abs to make any 20 Year Old jealous

The main goal of both women and men who go to the gym on a regular basis is to get toned six pack abs. For women, this usually means a flat, sexy stomach but the end result is the same – Heads will turn!

The abdominal muscles are really what identify someone who is serious about diet and fitness. While everyone has some level of developed ab muscles, showing off a toned set of six pack abs will set apart the zeros from the heroes.

Surprisingly, with some determination and the right advice, this goal is achievable for just about everyone.

The Combination is Vital for Sexy Six Pack Abs

To achieve great six pack abs, a person must have a good ab routine AND a healthy diet.  Regularly performing these exercises will go a long way in forming the appearance of your abs to give you the six pack abs to make any 20 year old jealous.  But, to make the six pack abs shine through, the diet must NOT be neglected.  Do so and your six pack abs may NEVER appear because the layer of fat covering the abs MUST be removed.

Since abdominal muscles are the core of the human body, and needed for anything that involves lifting, it makes sense that time and effort must be spent to strengthen them. Through the use of only an exercise ball and simple hand weights, isometric contraction exercises, and a healthy low carb diet, a set of sexy, ripped six pack abs is no longer just a figment of the imagination.

What is the Best Type of Exercise for Six Pack Abs?

Really good, effective abdominal exercises are ones that will affect overall stability (during the exercises), consequently forcing the abs to naturally work harder. Exercise balls are perfect for this and there are numerous exercises that can be done. Exercises,  Some include lying leg raises with the ball positioned between the legs as well as basic side and front crunches. When looking to increase the actual size of the abdominal muscles, weights will be the best tool. Great options include weighted twists and weighted sit-ups to get the six pack abs that are desired.

Another great type of exercise to include in any abdominal workout routine is one that focuses on contracting the stomach muscles, and remaining in that position over an extended period of time. The more often this is done, the more normal this position will become, with contraction becoming commonplace. Exercises include plank exercises and variations that simply tense a person’s abs. By holding this position for up to 15 seconds and repeating it a few times, you will soon notice a significant difference in the appearance of your stomach muscles.

For Six Pack Abs You Cannot Forget the Diet

Whether it’s the South Beach Diet, or any other low carb diet, reducing the carb intake is one of the most popular and effective ways to aid with fat loss to create visible six pack abs. Rather than decreasing trans fat or saturated fat, the aim of most nutrition and diet programs today is to focus on lowering carb and sugar consumption.  Diet tips for a low carb diet from a nutritionist include getting most of your intake of carbs from foods that have a lower glycemic index, as this will help lower the rate at which food increases blood sugar levels on the body.

The Six Pack Abs You Long For CAN be Closer Than You Think

Once fat loss is achieved and the abs are actually visible again, a person can begin working towards the six pack abs they have dreamed of for so long.  With a few good exercises (from the correct program) and a healthy low fat, low carb, low sugar diet, strengthening your abs becomes a relatively simple process.  However, as with any exercise routine, it is ultimately up to the individual to have the determination and willingness to stick to the plan.  If you don’t, nothing will change and there will be NO six pack abs for you.

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