Diet And Exercise Tips For Incredible Six Pack Abs

December 26, 2011

Diet & Exercise for Six Pack Abs

Diet & Exercise - the only way to get Six Pack Abs

The most commonly given goal for both women and men who attend the gym on a regular basis is to get tight, flat, six pack abs. Abdominal muscles, or the lack thereof, are what really separates someone that takes fitness and eating a healthy diet seriously, from someone that does not.

The best tips to get Six Pack Abs and a flat sexy tummy are:

All the ab exercises you could possibly do will be useless if you continue to eat unhealthy foods. If you have a goal of getting six pack abs, make sure you reduce the excess fat from your current diet while also starting on a low carb-low sugar-high protein diet as soon as possible.

Foods like chips, French fries, sodas, fast food and candy bars are all foods that will increase body fat – for sure. Concentrating on eating only low carb-low sugar-high protein foods will most definitely help create leaner muscles. Always remember this: Eating healthy is equally as important as exercise when your main objective is fat loss.  And you need to lose fat is you want those six pack abs to show through.

Stomach Exercises Alone Won’t Give You Six Pack Abs

In order to get the six pack abs that you have long-sought after, you need to focus on more than just performing exercises that tone the stomach muscles. Two of the easiest, yet most effective ‘Six Pack Abs’ exercises are deadlifts and squats as they target the larger muscles of the body and provide more than just an abdominal muscle workout.  They give you a full body workout – which is a KEY PART for achieving your Six Pack Abs goal. Specialist exercises such as these help burn off excess fat around your midsection much quicker (than regular crunches and situps) and allow the abs to show through.

These ‘non-ab-specific’ workout exercises are not only great for fat burning, but they additionally make the muscles appear more prominent. Believe it or not the ‘standard’ crunches and sit-ups don’t actually help you achieve six pack abs if done on their own. As with all workout routines, combining any ab exercises with full body workouts will yield the best (and fastest) results.

‘Special’ Cardio training is needed to…

Cardiovascular training is another big part of an effective six pack abs workout, and greatly assists in getting the desired results even quicker. The orthodox methods of jogging, running, cycling, walking or even climbing stairs are all still great but utilising ‘interval-based’ cardio routines will result in even faster fat loss results. Studies have shown that interval training is twice as effective as standard cardio workouts and in half the time.

Completing these cardio exercises in the morning, ideally before nine, is preferred. Doing this cardio routine on a relatively empty stomach allows the metabolism to burn calories quicker, forcing the body to get the energy needed from stored fat.

The Real Secret to Getting Six Pack Abs is…

The last step in this fat burning quest is total body workouts. Such total body workout routines must be compiled by a professional who knows what’s needed but they ARE the real secret to achieving your goals. In fact, there is nothing that will help get great six pack abs muscles faster than by working each and every muscle possible. Focusing on building a body with lean muscles will speed up the metabolism, helping to lose fat quickly from the abdominal region. Monitoring the process, and continuing to set and meet new goals, will result in that flat, lean stomach and ripped six pack abs in really no time at all.

Today’s society is slowly becoming much more health conscious, however, only a select group of individuals actually have the willingness, determination and dedication needed to succeed.

Do you?

With a strong commitment, and a focus on abs exercises, diet, cardio exercises, and total body workout routines, washboard six pack abs can easily be achieved.

To discover exactly what you need to know, eat and the actual exercises to finally lose all that belly fat and get the six pack abs you’ve always wanted, read about the Truth About Abs program used by over a quarter of a million people worldwide.


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