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Michael & Doug

Michael & Doug

To all frustrated dieters,
We’ve got a secret to tell you.

Actually, it’s quite a big secret…
A secret that you probably won’t believe at first.

And that secret is…

Weight Loss can be so damn easy

It might not seem like that for you now and we completely understand why you doubt that statement.

How many times have you heard or said this, “I’m constantly watching my weight and trying every diet plan under the sun but weight loss never comes” OR “it works for a while and then it becomes all too hard to follow too many rules, too many sacrifices for very little results”

It can be hugely frustrating, but we can change this…

We’re going to help you reach the point where…
Your weight loss becomes so much fun and so easy to follow that any ‘idiot’ can drop that extra baggage and, within a matter of weeks, be literally jumping out of their skin with excitement about their new look body and have energy to burn.

By simply implementing a few simple strategies that produce ‘results’.
It doesn’t matter where these strategies originated -
all that matters is they WORK. And work like crazy.

Go from being a frustrated dieter
to a weight loss superstar…

Just have a look at some of the ‘actual’ success stories on our site
- they’re down the right side under the banners

But first let me tell you a little story…

A long time ago, we decided to try and make a difference in the world – starting with genuinely helping others attain their dreams in health and fitness. We felt this would be a great starting point since everyone knows what a big problem weight maintenance is in the developed world today.

We’re extremely passionate about this and are totally committed to make you become the best you can be. Most people just need some guidance and support to make it happen – and we’re here to do just that.

The focus will always be on ‘natural’ methods as we believe this is the only ‘safe’ way that works properly over the long term.

Our aim is to have lot’s of fun, lots of laughs and give you information that is ‘cutting edge’. Stuff that you haven’t seen anywhere else…

And most importantly, inspire you to get great results, as many others have, in a matter of weeks.

You WILL be blown away by some of the amazing articles you will get.
They are NOT your typical ‘humdrum’ weight loss junk mail, BUT powerful dynamic well-researched articles, tips and tricks that are concise and simple to read.

People pay hundreds of dollars to get articles of such quality and we are sure you will be sending them to everyone you know.

We want to inspire you, motivate you and help you get the most out of your life by feeling absolutely unstoppable and bursting with energy.

Applying what you’ll read in these emails, will give you the best chance of success.
Weight loss plays a big part in keeping fit, being healthy and living a long and fun-filled life.

So, welcome aboard, and you can now consider yourself a member of the D&M Universal ‘inner circle’. The weekly emails you’ll get will be to-the-point and jam-packed with all the ‘extra’ information you’ll need for great health & vitality. They will become your best allies on your weight loss journey.

We know you’ll love them and that you’ll see amazing results if you follow the advice.

To allow us to help even more people get what they want, feel free to pass on any information that will be of interest to your family, friends or colleagues. Share them on Facebook or Google+. Retweet them. Bookmark them too.

And we would love to hear about YOUR success stories – make sure to include some photos too.

Please give us your feedback & thoughts on topics you enjoyed and suggestions on what you’d like to see more of in upcoming issues.

Until next time,
Michael & Doug
Michael & Doug from D&M Universal




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